General Information

Writing for nephSAP is by invitation.  Please review the submission and review process outlined below. 


STEP 1: Update ASN Disclosures and Register for an ORCID iD

STEP 2: Download and Review Author Materials

STEP 3: Review Your Invitation Letter and Confirm

  • Article Topic
  • Word Limit
  • Reference Limit
  • Image/Table/Figure Limit

STEP 4a: Submit Outline & References for Approval

  • Draft detailed outline
  • Insert references to correspond with each major heading
  • Submit for editorial approval before you begin writing

STEP 4b: Write First Draft

  • Learning Objectives
  • Article
  • References
  • Images/Figures/Tables
  • Self-Assessment Questions (see Example Answer Key (PDF) | Question Template (MS Word) )
  • One Paragraph Summary
  • One Sentence Description

STEP 5: Prepare/Submit Required Forms

  • Disclosure for each author
  • Copyright release (for images/figures/tables reproduced from other works)
  • Artwork license (if needed)
  • Original Artwork permission form (if needed)
  • Author Checklist (includes the cover page form and subject taxonomy)
  • Submit first draft and all forms to ASN

Review Process 

First Draft

  • The Author prepares/submits all required materials
  • ASN staff reviews for completeness
  • ASN staff sends the submission to the Editorial Director/Associate Editor for review
  • The Editorial Director/Associate Editor and Guest Editor evaluate the submission
  • Request for revisions sent back to author

Second Draft (if needed)

  • The Author revises submission based on comments
  • ASN staff reviews for completeness
  • ASN staff sends revisions to the Editorial Director/Associate Editor
  • The Editorial Director/Associate Editor evaluate the submission
  • If needed, request for revisions sent back to author
  • ASN staff launches the peer-review process

Third Draft

  • ASN staff collates peer review comments and sends to Editorial Director/Associate Editor
  • Editorial Director/Associate Editor assess the review comments and renders a decision
  • Once approved, the manuscript goes to publication

Final Proof Review

  • Final manuscript sent to Sheridan Journal Services (SJS) for professional copy editing
  • Authors receive the final proof directly from SJS
  • Author approves and sends edits directly to SJS


nephSAP Editorial Office

Suzanne Armstrong, Senior Program Manager for Self-Assessment
1401 H Street, NW, Suite 900
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: (202) 697-2068 E